WebX Reported Bugs and Issues - High Priority

Below are bugs in the current platform which are high in priority for an immediate resolution for my development team. On occasions these bugs may take some time to resolve as the fix may need to come directly from IBM. 


Unresolved Issues 

  1. Terms and Condition Error at Checkout - When  contracts are changed, the when customer has items from previous contracts in their shopping cart. This stops the customer from checking out. We have a script which resolves this issue in the backend as a temporary resolution.
  2. Log In for customer who have multiple contracts or loyalty on the site is slow. 

Resolved Issues 
  1. Catalog Filter exclusions is not filtering categories and products from dealers store when configured in Management Center (Resolved)   
  2. Search Boosting by Brand such as Office National etc is not working (Resolved) 
  3. Remove IBM OOB Generic Error message when customer searches item which does not belong to the customer catalogue filter (Resolved) 
  4. Schedule Order is not sending triggered customers emails. 
  5. Favourites List Import upload intermittently shows Internal Server 500. (Resolved 2/2/16)
  6. Products  which are excluded from the contract showing as unavailable for purchase. These items should not be visible on the site in the first instance. (Resolved 9/2/16)
  7. Favourites Functionality - Modified OOB behaviour of adding from default 1 to 0 to reflect FP6 process. 
  8. Member Image uploads are not being transferred from MC to or to the site (Resolved 18/2) .
  9. From the order cart page, add to favourites removes the order (Resolved 19/2)
  10. Store Product Bulk pricing not showing (24/2)
  11. Min Qty not enforced for Endless Aisle Range (12/3). 


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